Stencils for Face Painting

Stencils have a great many uses, including airbrush art, scrapbooking, body art and cake decoration. Sticker Stop can also offer Stencils for Face Painting. If you have a design ready to go or there's something you need made up, Contact Us to get the wheels in motion.

What Are Stencils Used For?

When it comes to face painting, most work will be done by the skilled artist. But what happens when you've got 50 kids at your childs party and they all want their face painted? This is where stencils are handy - you can get a design, place it on the face, fill the areas with a bit of paint or maybe some glitter, remove the stencil and you're done! Quick and easy.

Stencils are also great for creating something detailed in a short time. A cobweb looks great but joining up all those lines takes time. Not with a stencil - put it in place and you're already halfway to finishing and moving onto the next stage. Spider? Easy, get out your stencil. If you're a professional artist, you know that you need to be prepared for all sorts of requests. Stencils are great for taking the time and effort out and they give you a great finish that your customer will love!


Cobwebs look great but can take time. Stencils can help to get this done quick and easy!

What are Stencils Made From?

At Sticker Stop, we use 7.5 mil Mylar to create our stencils. Mylar is a thin, flexible and durable material that is also solvent-proof. This means that you can use solvents mediums or solvent cleaners with your stencil. Of course, we wouldn't recommend the use of solvents for face painting or body art. Don't get confused about the 7.5mil thickness - the material isn't 7.5 mm thick. Mil is a measurement used for thin materials like plastic or paper. To give you an idea of the thickness, pick up two pieces of regular copy paper and that is about the same thickness as 7.5mil mylar plastic.

How Do I Order A Custom Stencil?

You can send us the file, logo or image that you’d like made as a stencil to and we’ll take a look at it and get back to you with a quote or some information. If you have the file available in a vector format (.AI, .EPS, .PDF) that would be ideal but we will still take a look at your raster (JPEG, BMP, GIF) images too. Note that, for us to be able to use them with our machine, it will need to be made into a vector format. If you’re not able to do this yourself, we can probably do it for you, however there is a charge ($15 minimum) involved depending on the complexity of the image.