*Q. What are vinyl stickers?*
*A.* Our products are all decals that are machine-precision-cut using thin vinyl. Despite this, most people still refer to them as ‘stickers’.

*Q. What's the difference?*
*A.* Vinyl decals are much more durable than ordinary stickers. We use Metamark vinyl which has a life of up to 8 years – that’s whether it is being used on a car that is often outdoors in the hot sun or on a laptop that is always used inside.
Also, decals have no background and are usually one colour. When you look at most of our products, the main item will be a single colour – whatever background is shown will not be part of the decal that you will receive. Feel free to send us a "message":http://www.stickerstop.com.au/pages/contact-us if this is not clear, however many listing have an example of what the item would look like on a car window, surfboard or laptop.

*Q. Can I apply vinyl stickers to any surface?*
*A.* Our stickers are best applied to smooth, clean surfaces. It's also recommended to use a Wax and Grease remover on the surface to remove any contamination that may affect the ability of the sticker to stick to the surface. You will receive a basic set of application instructions with your order. Just keep in mind - if the sticker is not sticking or peeling off after a short time, the surface was *not* perfectly clean. We use a quality vinyl but can't be held to account if you use your stickers on an unsuitable surface (read below) or without preparing the surface sufficiently.

*Q. Will vinyl stickers stick to painted walls? IMPORTANT*
*A.* We *don't recommend* that vinyl stickers be used on painted walls. Often, walls are painted with paint that has a coating that rejects dirt and anything that it considers a contaminant. As vinyl stickers have a sticky backing, there is a good chance that the wall may reject the sticker, which may stop the sticker from sticking at all or even falling off after a period of time. In addition, as vinyl stickers are meant for a more permanent application, this may lead to paint being removed from the wall if/when the vinyl sticker is removed.
*Vinyl stickers are to be used on walls at the customers risk. Sticker Stop will not accept blame or supply any refund for any vinyl stickers not sticking to walls or causing damage to any walls.*

*Q. What does the Reversed (Mirrored) field in each listing mean?*
*A.* Simply, we will reverse the sticker design when sending it to you. If this field is left at the default 'No' then the sticker will be sent to you as you see it in the example picture in the listing - in other words, un-reversed or un-mirrored. If you change this to 'Yes', then the design will be mirrored. If you were wanting to apply a sticker to the inside of a window, then reversing the design will make the sticker appear un-reversed when looking at it from the outside of the window. Note that, since we use a brand vinyl which lasts up to 7 years even in Australian conditions, applying a sticker to the inside of a window to try and extend its life is not really necessary. Also, applying sticker to the inside of a car window can be a little more awkward since there is less space. *IMPORTANT NOTE:* Choosing 'Yes' in this field won't get you a mirrored pair of any sticker. If you're wanting a mirrored pair, then you'll need to add them to the cart separately, one as un-reversed ('No' in the Reversed (Mirrored) field) and one as reversed ('Yes' in the Reversed (Mirrored) field.

*Q. Can you print gradients, shadows and multiple colours?*
*A.* Yes, we are now able to print vinyl stickers. Send us your design and the size and quantity that you'd like for a quote.

*Q. Can you cut my logo or design?*
*A.* We probably can. First, send us your logo or design (preferably in a vector format) to _sales@stickerstop.com.au_ and we'll take a look at it and get back to you. If you can supply information such as the size and quantity you were after, we will try and provide a quick quote.

*Q. What do you mean by 'Vector'?*
*A.* A vector logo or design is made of paths and can be scaled without loss in quality whereas a non-vector (raster) image is made of pixels and will become more pixellated and will lose quality the larger it is scaled. Files with the .AI and .EPS extension are vector files. If you have a raster image (eg. JPEG, BMP, GIF) we will most likely be able to convert it to vector so that we can use the file with out cutting software. *Note* that there is a charge for this based on the complexity of your image.

*Q. Can I get discounts?*
*A.* Yes, you can get discounts based on the size of your order. As a guide for discounts that apply to vinyl decals, please use the figures below:

1~10 stickers = Regular price
11~20 stickers = Regular price -10%
21~50 stickers = Regular price -15%
51~100 stickers = Regular price -20%
100~200 stickers = Regular price -25%
*Note* that this percentage is only a guide and is subject to change depending on things like the complexity of the sticker, variety of colours, type of vinyl etc. "Contact us":http://www.stickerstop.com.au/pages/contact-us for a firm quote.

If you are after a quote for printed vinyl stickers, please send us your design as well as the size/s and quantities you were after. We will get back to you with a price.

*Q. Do you have a minimum run (quantity)?*
A. No, we don't have a minimum amount that you need to purchase, however we do have a minimum price of $30. For example, if you wanted one sticker that would normally cost $2, the minimum price would be $30. If you wanted 20 of these stickers, then the cost would be $40 (20 x $2).

*Q. My sticker turned up folded and creased. I can't use it can I?*
A. Yes, you can still use it. Folds and creases will disappear over time once the vinyl sticker is applied.


Our stencils are primarily made with airbrushing in mind but could also be used for body art, spraypainting, wall and fabric decoration, scrapbooking, craft and cake decoration among others.

*Q. What are they made from?*
*A.* Our stencils are made from 7.5mil mylar and are solvent-resistant, meaning that you can wash them with soapy water or thinners depending on what paint you've used. *Note:* Don't leave the stencils sitting in solvent-based cleaners for an extended period as they may warp.

*Q. Are they durable?*
*A.* Yes, they are. They're roughly the thickness of two sheets of regular 80gsm paper but being made from plastic are strong and re-usable. If you look after them there's no reason why you couldn't use them for a lifetime.

*Q. Can you make custom stencils?*
*A.* If there's something specific you are after that we don't have, we will try to help you with your custom order. Send the file or image that you'd like to have made to _sales@stickerstop.com.au_ and we will take a look and get back to you with a quote. If your image is not in a vector format, there may be a cost to convert it to vector so that our machine software can cut it properly.

*Q. What size can I get my stencil cut to?*
*A.* For our 7.5mil mylar, within an A4-size sheet is our maximum size. Having said that, we can get 4mil and 5mil mylar for any projects that are around 40cm wide and 100cm long.