Dragon Scales Micro Airbrush Stencil

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Dragon Scales Texture Stencil | Airbrush, Craft, Mylar, Re-Usable

The Dragon Scales Texture Stencil is a handy addition to your toolkit and can add a detailed pattern to your airbrush, spray or other craft project. Our Mylar Stencils are 7.5mil thick and are very flexible but very strong. They can be used with solvent-based paints and clearners. If they are cleaned and stored well, there's no limit as to how many times you can use them!

Stencil Size (Approx):
15.0cm x 20.0cm (5.9″ × 7.8″)

Cell Sizes (Approx):
2.8mm x 3.8mm

Durable and Flexible: This stencil is made from 7.5mil, semi-transparent mylar, which make them strong, yet flexible enough to be used on curved surfaces.
Easy to clean: The stencils are easy to clean. You can use any type of cleaning product or solvent as the mylar stencil material has a smooth, non-porous surface.
Easy to use: Stencils make it quick and easy to create great art without being a great artist.
Multi-use: You can use our stencils with airbrushes, paint brushes or even sponges and use them in airbrush art, cake decoration, scrapbooking, body art and body tattoos.