Custom Stencils

If you are after something in particular that we don’t have, me may be able to make it for you. Send us the image of something that you'd like to turn into a plastic stencil and we'll provide you with a quote. We can also make single-use sticker stencils too. Being stickers, they don't allow underspray like plastic stencils tend to do. When removed, they leave the negative (open space) filled with whatever paint or medium you've used.

Take a look at the following. Our customer wanted to recreate a phrase to paint into her jacket. She was able to supply us with the picture and we supplied her with the sticker stencil. After painting, you can see the result below!



What Can Plastic Stencils Be Used For?

Although our stencils are made with airbrush artists in mind, stencils can be used in many different ways. They will make your life easier in your scrapbooking and craft projects, your wall, fabric and decor decorations, body art, furniture decoration, cake decoration and spray painting, among other uses. You don’t need to be a great artist to create great art!


Here's an example of what we can offer. Our customer supplied some images that we recreated in a vector format. They became beautiful mandalas for scrapbooking.

Custom Stencil Formats for Cutting

You can send us the file, logo or image that you’d like made as a stencil to and we’ll take a look at it and get back to you with a quote or some information. If you have the file available in a vector format (.AI, .EPS, .PDF) that would be ideal but we will still take a look at your raster (JPEG, BMP, GIF) images too. Note that, for us to be able to use them with our machine, it will need to be made into a vector format. If you’re not able to do this yourself, we can probably do it for you, however there is a charge ($15 minimum) involved depending on the complexity of the image.

This cute fella was requested by a customer who wanted to paint stencil it onto their toolboxes. Again, he supplied the raster image and we were able to recreate the image and cut a mylar stencil for him.


How Are Stencils Made?

At Sticker Stop, we have two machines for cutting stencils. We have a force cutter that uses a blade and we also have an Epilog laser cutter. For more detailed projects the force cutter tends to be used as it cuts the material where the laser cutter burns the material. We find that tiny details (such as those in the goat stencil above) will come out better with the force cutter. 

Have Project That Needs a Custom Stencil?

So, if you're needing a custom stencil, get in touch with us. Provide us with as many details as possible, including approximate sizes and quantities. Also send through your raster or vector files so we know if we can work with them or we need to recreate them. We'll get back to you with a quote. You can send that through to us at The Contact Us page is another option but it won't allow you to send through your files and we usually can't supply a quote without seeing what we need to work with.