Business Signage for your Work Car or Van

Posted by Dainis on Feb 18, 2023

Business Signage for your Work Car or Van


Let's face it. If you're not advertising in some way, you're business probably isn't doing too well. At the very least, you're losing potential customers by not advertising your services on your work car or van. You don't necessarily need to pay $3000 for a vehicle wrap. You can make do with more simple advertising - most people do.

For more information, have a look at our article on the benefits of car stickers for business. If we can assist you further in creating the ideal signage for your work vehicle, feel free to get in contact with us to get a quote.

And don't neglect your store or shopfront either! We've got a Store Hours Vinyl Sticker to show your hours of operation and an Under New Management Vinyl Sticker to show that there's a new sheriff in town! If your customers are in the loop about what's happening with your business, they are far more likely to be interested and become loyal  customers of yours.