Big Truck Custom Sticker

Posted by Dainis on Feb 14, 2023

Big Truck Custom Sticker

Big Truck Custom Sticker

We had a customer a while ago who came to us wanting a Big Truck Custom Sticker made for her trucker hubby. It was his birthday and since he loves his truck, she wanted to get him something thoughtful.

He calls his truck 'Minx Cat', so we were able to combine the CAT of the Caterpillar Logo and used a calligraphy font for the Minx and added them together. It wasn't a difficult process but it was a good result and our customers husband was super happy with the new addition to his special truck.

Here's a look at the result. Thanks to T.D. for sending us the picture and her kind words.

Custom stickers also look great on large trucks and add a custom feel

You can get a custom truck sticker too!

Don't forget that, if you have something in mind that you'd like to create, get in touch with us. We may be able to help make your ideas into a reality. Thoughtful ideas like this really do make great gifts for our loved ones.