A Fresh Start!

Feb 12, 2023

A Fresh Start!

You may have noticed a change in the store layout. We've changed over to a new platform, so things are a little different.

We've added in most of the stickers from the old store, especially the most popular ones. If you were after something that hasn't yet been added, send an email to sales@stickerstop.com.au and I'll add that in.

Coming soon, we'll be adding a custom sticker and banner editor. While the sticker functionality will be fairly basic (choose a font, sticker size, colour and text) the banner editor will allow you to create your own banners, including images, fonts colours and overall design.

We'll also be adding laser-cut products which make thoughtful gifts for birthdays and weddings. Some elements of these products will also be customisable, giving you the ability to add your custom touch to an item. We'll have ring boxes for weddings, whiskey and wine boxes, small boxes for playing cards and even a treasure chest. These will be a fun addition to the store, so keep an eye out for them.

As this is also the first time we are using this new platform, there may be some teething issues. If you notice something that doesn't work like it should (or like it used to), drop us an email and we'll look to fix it.