Are Vinyl Stickers Water-Proof?

To answer the question of 'Are Vinyl Stickers Water-Proof', let's take a look at a few factors that can cause adherence issues. We use a Metamark-brand vinyl for all our stickers and have been doing so for 10 years. In this time, we've had thousands of customers who've used their vinyl stickers on things like windows, cars and fridges. But we've also had customers use their vinyl stickers on surfaces that are used in or on water. These include jet skis, surfboards, boats and boogie boards.

Since we use a quality brand of vinyl, we know that the grip of the vinyl is suitable for it to adhere to any smooth, clean surface. The adhesive is always consistent and the whole sticker will stick well to the surface. We've never had a situation where one part of the vinyl backing is sticky while another part is not. This is the reason we use a quality brand and not a cheap Chinese-made vinyl. We pay more for the material to ensure that we can stand by our product.


Vinyl stickers can turn a good car into a great car!

Why doesn't my vinyl sticker stick to the surface?

First, your surface must be suitable to apply a sticker to. This means that it needs to be smooth. Application to a rough surface means that the glue that adheres the sticker to the surface doesn't sit completely flat to the surface. If it's not sitting flat then there are raised areas that cannot grip and this weakens the overall ability of the vinyl sticker to stick and remain stuck to a rough surface. Raised areas will allow air to get under the sticker and if air can get in, then dust and other contaminants can also get in. So, your vinyl sticker may initially stick to the rough surface, but over time there is the very real potential that the vinyl sticker will start to peel away from the surface. At this stage, you've reached the point of no-return. Since it was not applied to a suitable surface, the vinyl sticker will slowly come away and will need to be removed.

Another reason for your vinyl sticker not sticking is that the surface is not clean enough. To give your vinyl sticker the best chance to stick to a surface, that surface must be 100% clean of anything that may cause the sticker glue to adhere perfectly. The surface may look clean, however there are many contaminants on the surface that are not visible to the naked eye. Common contaminants include dust, sand, wax, grease and dirt among others. Even a small amount of one of these contaminants that remain on the surface can affect the sticking ability of a vinyl sticker. Keep in mind that even our hands have small amounts of grease that come naturally from our bodies. Even wiping a surface with a clean hand can leave grease on the surface. Wiping a surface with a rag or towel can leave tiny fibres of the towel behind. These things are enough to stop a sticker from sticking well to a surface.

How Do I Clean A Surface Before Applying My Vinyl Sticker?

You will need to clean the surface before applying your vinyl sticker. You need to ensure that you've done everything that you could to ensure that the vinyl sticker has the best ability to stick and remain stuck to that surface. To do this, clean the surface of anything obvious that you know will affect the sticking ability. Once you've done this, use a Wax and Grease remover over the surface. These can be picked up from your local hardware store and will remove surface contaminants that are not as obvious as dirt or dust. Use a cleaning fabric that will not leave any fibres or lint behind. Microfibre cloths are recommended for this. Obviously, a brand-new, unused cloth is better than one you've been using for years.



Clean well and use a Wax and Grease Remover. Make sure your surface is completely contaminant-free!

What is Metamark M7 Vinyl Sticker Material?

This Metamark M7 sticker vinyl is a premium grade polymeric calendared sign making vinyl that performs well in the harsh Australian environment and provides excellent value for money. M7 features a soft 70 micron face film, an apex assured high grade permanent solvent based adhesive, and a PE lay flat liner. M7 is available in over 90 eye catching colour and is perfect for all external flat and slightly curved applications. M7 has stood the test of time in Australian conditions with up to 5 year durability and better dimensional stability than other calendared vinyl.

Are Vinyl Stickers WaterProof?

Finally, we come to answer the question of 'Are vinyl stickers waterproof'. The simple answer is 'yes'. Vinyl stickers can be used on windows that are cleaned with windscreen wipers. Vinyl stickers can be used on water craft like jet skis and surfboards that are submerged in salty sea water. Vinyl stickers work great on any flat surface that is 100% clean. If you follow the guide above as to what surface is suitable for a vinyl sticker to be applied to and that you ensure that surface is perfectly clean of anything that can stop the sticking ability of the sticker, then you're sure to have a vinyl sticker that stands the test of time.

Waterproof Stickers Australia

Metamark M7 vinyl has a gloss finish and the material is naturally waterproof. For Waterproof Stickers Australia, come see our range at Sticker Stop. If you're wanting a custom sticker, feel free to Contact Us and we'll see if we can assist you further.