Application & Removal of Vinyl Stickers

Let's take a look at the application and removal of vinyl stickers. There are a few simple things to keep in mind prior to application to make sure that your surface is suitable and that your vinyl sticker applies well and stays stuck for as long as possible.

How is the Vinyl Sticker Layered?

Your vinyl sticker will be supplied in 3 layers:

  1. The clear Application Tape
  2. The Vinyl Sticker / Vinyl Decal
  3. The paper backing

Steps in Vinyl Sticker Application

Firstly, ensure the surface you are applying the vinyl sticker to is clean and dry. Remove any dirt or dust from the surface. Failure to prepare the surface may mean that the Vinyl material will not adhere to the surface or come away from the surface after a short amount of time. We also recommend that a Wax and Grease remover is used to remove any further contaminants from the surface. Use a new microfibre cloth to ensure that small fibres don't contaminate the surface.

Use a squeegee (or something similar like a credit card) to apply medium pressure on the Application Tape over all areas of the Vinyl.

By pulling back the Application Tape, remove the Vinyl from the Backing. If any part does not adhere to the Tape, gently replace the tape and squeegee the area again.

Once all parts of the Vinyl are on the Application Tape, apply to the clean surface. Applying from one side to the other will reduce air bubbles. Squeegee or rub over the areas of the vinyl to ensure all parts adhere to the surface.

Carefully peel back the application tape, pulling down at a 45 degree angle. The decal should adhere to the surface. If the decal remains adhered to the application tape, replace the decal back on the surface and squeegee the edges of the decal again. Repeat if necessary.

Tip: To remove any air bubbles under the decals after you have applied the decal to your surface, use a sewing needle, puncture the bubble and gently push the air bubble towards the hole with your finger.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to follow the instructions properly will mean that we are unable to help you if application fails.


As chrome vinyl is a much thicker vinyl than the regular Premium vinyl we use, you will need to use a different technique if the regular Application Instructions don’t work for you:

  • Choose a side of your sticker (either the right or left side) to work from. It doesn’t matter which you choose.
  • Bend back the right or left-most side (whichever side you’ve chosen) of the white backing paper so that the chrome sticker comes away from the paper. Ensure that as it lifts off, it is becoming stuck to the clear application tape.
  • Continue this process SLOWLY for the entire sticker. Extra care will need to be taken for lettering stickers, especially those made from a thin font and/or around 10mm in height as these are often thin and fragile.
  • Be patient – rushing this process will only lead to mistakes.
  • Once your sticker has been lifted entirely from the backing paper onto the application tape, you can apply your sticker to your chosen surface.

Removing Vinyl Stickers and Decals

It's easy to remove old vinyl stickers from a surface by either using a razor blade, a hair-dryer or heat gun.

Use the hair-dryer/heat gun to heat small areas of the vinyl for no more than 30 seconds. Use the razor blade carefully to begin lifting the vinyl off. You will eventually be able to pull away the vinyl sticker with your fingers. Take your time and if the vinyl becomes difficult to remove, stop and re-heat the area again.

There may be some residue left on the surface but you can use rubbing alcohol or a window-cleaner (like Windex) to remove this easily.